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Planning & Accounting

Tax Planning

The ILZ Group offers advice and counsel regarding the diverse and complex tax rules affecting businesses and individuals. The Firm's advisors recognize that the tax laws affect almost every business and individual transaction, and we draw from our years of experience and expertise to minimize the impact of taxes on these transactions (income, sales, payroll, property and other taxes).

Estates & Trusts

The ILZ Group assists clients in planning their estates to minimize the transfer tax burden and to maximize the value of assets transferred to their heirs. The Firm also assists clients in establishing trusts for their minor children and other family members, in order to maintain control and oversee the assets they intend to give away.


The ILZ Group works with clients to determine when they can retire, how well they can retire, and assist them in maximizing their asset base for retirement. The Firm can determine the amount of savings that will be necessary to reach your goals for a financially secure retirement.

Succession Planning

The ILZ Group works with clients to create viable succession plans and to help address special concerns for closely held businesses.